Galeria Stara Prochownia, ul. Boleść 2
czas trwania wystawy: 20 kwietnia – 21 maja 2018
czynna codziennie w godz. 13:00-20:00, wstęp wolny


Gabriele Musebrink was born in Essen, Germany, and has German and Polish roots. After finishing her Art Studies, she has been working as a graphic and visual artist
in several German Museums and institutions during 1983 and 1998. Among them are the Museum Centre in Essen, the Diocese of Essen and the Old Synagogue in Essen.

Gabriele Musebrink has collaborated with professor and film maker Werner Nekes from the Art School for Media and Design in Cologne in his film series ‘Media Magica’
(5 films). During this time she is already teaching painting in adult education.

Since 1993 she has been working exclusively as a freelancer artist in her own
artists’ studio and gallery in Essen and founded HOFWERKSTATT – a  holistic Center for Art and Meditation with her own Artschool Musebrink (KUNSTSCHULE MUSEBRINK). She works all over Europe, demonstrating her unique working style at public art events, teaching seminars and doing exhibitions. She is an author and publishes extensively in art books and on internet platforms.


Artistic approach

An expression of transformation, morphology in painting, birth and death – the intuitive process painting of Gabriele Musebrink reflects natural life processes and scents out in the process of painting the different kinds of material to be deployed as well as the technique. Gabriele loves natural materials that have a life of their own. For more than 30 years Gabriele Musebrink has developed her very distinct style and artistic expression, grounded in informal art and yet transcending it. Transformation is her  artistic topic in the paintings and the process of transformation itself becomes part of the process of painting.



For the presentation of my artistic work in Warsaw, I chose paintings, that are characteristic for my contemporary way
of painting and that widely relate to travels, inspirations from landscapes or transformational processes in nature, including
a journey to the Tibetans, a visit to the Dalai Lama in the North of India, trekking tours in the Himalaya, and the journeys
to the buddhist Bhutan and Norway.

Gabriele Musebrink